The Gentle Algorithm: Soft Living and AI at Work

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This e-book offers everything from understanding the role of AI in our lives to practical tips for establishing a peaceful coexistence with technology. It includes relatable examples and practical strategies, making this journey both achievable and enjoyable.
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Are you searching for a way to coexist peacefully with AI-driven technology? Welcome to your path towards slow living in the AI era.

Regardless of your prior experience with AI, this e-book offers relatable solutions for everyone seeking a productive life. Learn how to incorporate AI mindfully into your daily routine. Transform your relationship with technology from a source of stress to a tool for achieving tranquility and balance!

3 reviews for The Gentle Algorithm: Soft Living and AI at Work

  1. Jane C.

    “The Gentle Algorithm” is a compelling and practical read. It beautifully balances technical aspects with real-life strategies, making the transition to AI in my daily work routine a breeze. My workdays have become more streamlined and less stressful, allowing me time for mindful breaks.

  2. herwellnesslane_ct53cr

    Lilian’s book has been a revelation. It bridges the gap between AI and soft living in a meaningful and actionable way. The practical tips and insights have helped me set healthier boundaries with technology and transform my workspace into a haven of tranquility and productivity.

  3. Laura J.

    “The Gentle Algorithm” is a must-read for anyone looking to transform their work life. Its focus on promoting a tranquil work environment using AI has changed my perspective on work. Not only has it helped me manage work stress more efficiently, but it has also positively impacted my team dynamics.

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